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The IPO Group was founded in 1999 by Steve Tsai, an experienced business executive and entrepreneur, near the peak of the Internet boom after a successful exit of his previous Internet venture.  Steve realized that companies large and small can all benefit from his business experience, strategic insights, industry contacts, and entrepreneurial can-do spirit.

As the name IPO implies, The IPO Group helps its start-up clients to architect their business and guide them to successful exits through IPO or M&A. Since our clients ranges from startups to established global giants, our focus is to help our clients to achieve their business objectives win market leadership. Based on the stage of their business and product, we help them to sharply focus on the business objectives of that stage with the goal toward winning the market leadership.

For startup companies and companies looking for new market entries, The IPO Group stands for

     Identify market entry opportunities, define differentiated product for target customers

     Position client's technology, product, market, and company against competition

     Organize and optimize client's whole product, partners and allies, and sales channels

     Grow and win market leadership

For market challengers, The IPO Group stands for

     Initiate calculated attacks

     Penetrate competition's weak links

     O utmaneuver lumbering giants

     G ain critical victories

For market leaders, The IPO Group stands for

     Increase your market leadership

     Protect your market share

     Obliterate competition

     Gobble up rivals

For The IPO Group, we focus on

     Internet and eCommerce

      Portable Mobile Communications

     Outsourcing and eSecurity

     Global market development


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