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Steve Tsai - President

Steve is a business executive with more than 20 years of executive and entrepreneurial experience. Steve has worked at marquee companies like Sun and Unisys, and at successful startups such as Pyramid Technology since its inception. Steve was a cofounder and the president of Internet Image, an Internet software company that was acquired by Intraware in 1999. Steve has worked in every functional area of the hi-tech business engineering, operations, strategic marketing, business development, sales management, and running the whole company.

Steve realized that many hi-tech startups and established companies entering new markets face the same issues such as business direction, company positioning, revenue model, funding strategy, partnership and strategic alliances, distribution channel, branding, and exit strategy. With the rise of the Internet, the pace of change and innovation are accelerating and the business strategies are increasingly global in nature. There is a pressing needs for experienced business advisors. This was the impetus of forming the IPO Group.

Since founding The IPO Group, Steve has advised clients ranging from global giants like NTT and Gartner Group to startup companies like NetScaler (acquired by Citrix for $330M in 2005).

He has the breadth and the market understanding of an analyst, the problem-solving capability of a consultant, result orientation of an executive, and can-do spirit of an entrepreneur. Because of his diverse business background, Steve can distill a complex issue to its essence and focus on the key objectives.

This is why The IPO Group has razor sharp focus on helping its clients to win market leadership. The business objectives in each stage of the client company are all geared toward this goal.

Steve can bring to bear the insights, contacts, practical experience, and strategic view to help companies interested in winning market leadership.

Steve is a frequent participant of the Stanford Entrepreneurial Thought Leadership seminars where he meets regularly with leading business executives, venture capitalists, and young startup entrepreneurs. He is an associate partner at Board of CEOs, a problem solving organizatoin for member CEOs. He was a board member of the International Angel Investors and is on the advisory board of several startup companies. Steve holds both an MSEE and an MBA.


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