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Who We Are

The principals of The IPO Group are seasoned business executives and entrepreneurs with extensive experience in technology, product, market, and industry. We have a single focus helping our clients win market leadership.

What We Do

The IPO Group helps our clients achieve their business goals win market leadership. By focusing on the key objectives for a particular stage of the product life cycle, we help our clients win market leadership - one stage at a time. We help our clients Identify market entry opportunities; Position clients' technology, product, market, and company; Organize and optimize their whole product, partners and allies, and sales channels, and Grow and win market leadership.

Who We Serve

Our clients range from startup companies with a single product or service to large established companies with many lines of businesses and multiple products and services. We focus our practice in industries that are involved with "convergence" Computers, Communications, Commerce, and Consumers. Specifically, Internet and eCommerce related companies, mobile communications companies, eSecurity related companies, and companies seeking to expand their businesses globally.

Where We Can Help

Winning market leadership requires both vision and execution. For startup companies, they may not lack vision, but could be weak on execution. For large companies, they may be able to execute, but may lack vision. The principals of The IPO Group have extensive experiences in both environments and are well aware of the strengths and weaknesses of both settings. We can provide fresh eyes and perspectives for our clients.

What We Focus

We are very result oriented. Our focus is to help our clients achieve their business objectives and guide them to architect their business and work with them hands-on to win market leadership.

Why They Choose Us

When The Gartner Group, the largest market research firm in the world, needed e-commerce and communications consulting help, they turn to The IPO Group. When The Gartner Group launched its Gartner e-Business Services, they asked The IPO Group to help in strategies and positioning. Why, because The IPO Group has both the cutting insights and the street savvy to get the job done. When NTT Communications needed help in its EMS b-b eCommerce initiative, they turned to The IPO Group. Why, because we provide them with both the industry insights and the strategic prowess. When NetScaler (acquired by Citrix for $330M in 2005) needed strategic guidance in its formative stage, they turned to The IPO Group to assess its business strategy, positioning, and help them develop business. Why, because The IPO Group understands the issues facing the startups and provides the advice and action thinking like a startup founder.


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