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Our Differentiation

The IPO Group's focus is to help our clients win market leadership because market leaders enjoy many advantages that also-runs and marginal players could never experience or get.

Winning market leadership requires insights, forethoughts, 360 degree understanding of the market dynamics, and execution.

The principals of the IPO Group have the

  • breadth and competitive insights of the analysts,
  • problem solving skills of the consultants,
  • strategic vision of the market strategists,
  • customer insights of the sales executives,
  • hands-on, result orientation of the business executives,
  • and the innovative and can-do spirit of the entrepreneurs.

We understand

and most of all we understand

  • what it take to win market leadership for companies whether they are new startup ventures or established companies getting into new markets.

We help our clients

  • Identify market entry opportunities, define differentiated products, and select target customers.
  • Position the technology, product, market, and the company against competition,
  • Organize and optimize the whole product, partners, allies, and channels of distribution.
  • Gain market leadership


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