Understanding the Power of the Internet
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Understanding the Power of the Internet

While the power of the Internet is appreciated by a lot of people, it is underutilized by many of the hi-tech companies outside of the web based businesses.

The Internet is simultaneously a

  • Media channel
  • Marketing channel
  • Lead generation channel
  • Sales channel
  • Market research channel
  • Customer feedback channel
  • Market and product validation channel
  • Advertising channel

Because of its multifacet nature, it is rare that a company is savvy in every aspect of it. Because of its low cost, instant feedback and validation, and global reach, the Internet is the great equalizer for smaller competitors against their larger and established rivals. Mastering the Internet gives a startup company or a business unit entering a new market the competitive advantages over its opponents. Because it is a relative new phenomenon, there are many less known and unexplored tactics and opportunities.

The IPO Group can help you take full advantage of the power of the Internet with minimal cost, huge leverage, and great return on investment.


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