Our clients encompass a variety of Internet, e-commerce, and mobile communications companies. From large corporations such as Nippon Telephone and Telecommunications and The Gartner Group to Internet upstarts such as Netscaler, Skire, and eTrons, Here is a sample of our clients and their respective industries:

Market Research

    Gartner Group - The largest market research firm in the world
    Gartner Consulting - The consulting arm of the Gartner Group, specializing in e-commerce, communications, software, systems, and semiconductors.



Internet Marketing

Internet Infrastructure

    Netscaler - Internet traffic management (Acquired by Citrix for $330M in 2005)
    IEA Software - ISP billing and authentication software


    eTrons - Supply Chain collaboration
    Skire - Business-to-business collaborative portal for pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries

Consumer Products

    WisePoint - Innovative portable communication technologies for consumers with active lifestyles.


Management Consulting